Did you find one of these?

Did you find one of these?

Hello, traveler!

If you’re reading this, perhaps you found one of these. ➡️

My name is June and I’m a writer from Long Island. My first novel, Jobs for Girls with Artistic Flair, will be in bookstores on June 21. (Though you can pre-order it now, if you like setting yourself up for fun surprises showing up on your doorstep.)

Some mischievous friends have been leaving these goodies out in the world for people to find. I mean, at some point everybody needs to light a birthday candle or open a root beer.

And now that you’re here…

I love weird coincidences. ✨🔮✨
Do you happen to know someone who checks off one of these boxes?

🔲 Loves tattoos 

🔲 Loves to read or has a book club

🔲 Is artistic, quirky, or both

🔲Knows a thing or two about social anxiety or loneliness

🔲 Is working hard for their dream

🔲 Has a Long Island connection

🔲 Might enjoy a sweet 🏳️‍🌈 love story

🔲 Is obsessed with those ‘80s details in Stranger Things 


I wrote this book for that person.

Would you take a moment and let them know it exists? Here’s the link: bit.ly/JobsforGirls

Or show them some love by gifting them a copy? It’s available at Bookshop.org as well as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, Indiebound… all the links are here: bit.ly/JobsforGirls

And why not drop me a comment before you leave? I’d love to know where you found my wholesome birthday-candle igniter/root beer opener.





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