Tossed in with Flannery

Tossed in with Flannery


My essay “How to Survive the Apocalypse” is out today in the print issue of Image JournalIt’s a fun/serious look at apocalyptic fiction. (Literary fiction. Not the Left Behind series.) Specifically: the excellent novels The Pinch by Steve Stern (Graywolf Press) This Is Why I Came by Mary Rakow (Counterpoint Press), and When the English Fall by David Williams (Algonquin Books).

And from the Department of Happy Accidents: By some stroke of luck, I got tossed into the same bag of marbles as Flannery O’Connor.


(Btw, clearly she’s the big green shooter. I’m the blurry cerulean in the back.)

513x388_flannery-squareThe same issue includes the never-before-published college journals of Flannery O’Connor. In it, according to Image, O’Connor  “keeps a daily record of her thoughts, dreams, amusements, and fears for a period of forty days.” Among other things: “I have so much to do that it scares me.” (Oh, man, me too.) Apparently they even secured Flannery’s first selfie: “The issue will also include several previously unpublished photos, including a self-portrait photo taken through her dresser mirror.”


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