Jobs for Girls with Artistic Flair is now available

at your local bookstore, at Bookshop.organd all the usual big guys.
If you’re interested in having me speak with your book club, high school or college class, or speak at an event, email

Review of Jobs for Girls in The Common literary magazine

“Rarely is a book as delightful as June Gervais’s debut novel, Jobs for Girls with Artistic Flair, a story of people who do their best to be better and then fail and try again with courage and integrity. ” Read the review by author Susan Scarf Merrell in The Common Online.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, March 4
5:00 pm 
Canio’s Books
290 Main St, Sag Harbor, NY

Saturday, March 11
5:00 pm
Secret Garden Bookshop
2214 NW Market St, Seattle, WA


Jobs for Girls launched on the summer solstice with a reading/Q&A at Port Jefferson Library and celebration at Barito Tacos in Port Jeff. Having written a book about a Long Island girl who doesn’t quite feel like she belongs anywhere, to experience that kind of community support is something I will never forget.



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