Jobs for Girls with Artistic Flair is now available

at your local bookstore, at Bookshop.organd all the usual big guys.
It’s also an audiobook from Penguin Random House Audio, narrated by award-winning voice actor Jesse Vilinsky.

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Recent Press & Reviews

“The inner world of a sketchbook doodler is an expansive one, brought to life on these pages.
The locale this novel inhabits is also rendered with the aching perfection of memories of a Long Island upbringing.”

–East End Beacon (full review here)

“With prose that straddles gentle and gritty — the kind that makes a writer say, ‘Damn, I wish I wrote that’ — Ms. Gervais blurs the line between literary and commercial fiction. This book is easy to fall into, hard to put down, and satisfying to the end.”

–East Hampton Star (full review here)

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Paperback Release

Jobs for Girls was recently released paperback from Penguin Books, with a beautiful new mermaid cover from tattoo artist Becca Genné-Bacon of New York City’s Kings Ave. Tattoo. Thanks to Becca for signing books with me, author Margot Mifflin for being a brilliant conversation partner, and Lower East Side bookstore P&T Knitwear for providing such a warm and beautiful space!

With tattoo artist and cover designer Becca Genné-Bacon at P&T Knitwear Bookstore


With Margot Mifflin, author of the classic history of women and tattoos, BODIES OF SUBVERSION, at P&T Knitwear Bookstore

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