Happy Pride Month!

Happy Pride Month!

Happy Pride Month, loves,

to the out, loud & proud–
and to
the quietly queer,
the bi & shy,
and those who
have never really liked labels
or big public announcements,
but know who they are
(and love who they are),
and just go on walking the world
with their own saucy rainbow glow.


Jobs for Girls with Artistic Flair is launching during Pride Month, and it was thrilling to see it featured in SHONDALAND’S roundup of best new LGBTQ+ books!

I’m also honored to be the featured reader at QueerLI Social Club‘s Celebrate Queer Voices night, in conjunction with the Better Man Distillery Book Club.

Thursday, June 30
6-9 pm
The Better Man Distilling Company
161 River Ave, Patchogue, NY

I’ll be reading from Jobs for Girls and signing books. Come and enjoy a Pride-themed cocktail and music by Erin Chase.

(Btw, I know for a fact that this is going to be a fun event, because it was cooked up by my brilliant friend Michelle Demetillo, founder of QueerLI and Lady Brewsters of the North Fork…and that woman could not throw a boring party if she tried. Even if all she had to work with was a pallet of cardboard and a canister of oatmeal. And we have more than oatmeal.)

Hope you’ll come and celebrate with us!

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