Big Fiction Podcast

Big Fiction Podcast

Joy! Big Fiction Magazine (which published my novella a few years back) recently launched a podcast and invited me to be one of the first guests. I had such a fun and meaningful conversation with editor, writer, and wonderful human being Juan Carlos Reyes. Among other things, we talked about

  • Writing while raising a family
  • Writing in general
  • Vocation and meaning
  • And tattoos, of course.

Also, so much laughter.

Listen here. (FYI: I also write under my married name, in case you’re wondering why Juan is calling me something different.) And do check out the magazine. It’s a beautifully made publication with excellent long-form fiction. In their words:

“BIG FICTION provides a home for the novelette, that long form fiction that needs more breath than a short story. We are also a home for essays, those experiments of curiosity and self-awareness that examine the lies that we believe in, consciously or not. We are housed proudly online and simultaneously produce limited edition, commemorative print issues made the old-fashioned way: using foundry type set by hand and printed on a vintage press.”

(Pssst…I’m in Issue 5. 😉 But I recommend them all.)

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