Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Song Series #15)

Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Song Series #15)

This is the wonderful Charlie Hinst. He was born in a snowstorm. It was very cold outside indeed. Six years later, he is this big sweet boy with a big sweet heart… and an uncanny ability to commit things to memory. Like all the words of this song.

While you’re here… I’ve been creating all kinds of other things throughout Advent!┬áHope a few of these bring you some joy.


Santa Baby, The Coventry Carol, Gabriel’s Message

Advent for the Skeptical and Weary

A series of mini-essays on my petulant Christmas card process, seasonal depression, the difficulty of hope, weird religious language and getting burned out on service.

Little amusing things

Theological Cage Fight between my two-year-old and St. Augustine.


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